Road Blocks

On your journey to your destiny, you will sometimes have to make difficult decisions. There will be people and things that are near and dear to your heart that will not be able to follow you on your journey and you will have to make tough decisions.  Do I stop pursuing the things that I was place here to do, the things that I have a heart for? Or do I put those things on hold to satisfy those who have been place in my life for this season?  There are no clear cut answers to these questions because they come with a bunch of “but what ifs.” These questions must be answered on a case by case basis.

Your decisions may not make others involved happy, however, when you have a peace about it and are able to stand with the decision you’re making then you will know that it is the right decision for you. Others may not understand why you are leaving that “good man” or that “good job” but you know that your dreams and goals for your life are more important than anything.  And if those things are truly for you, they will be there.

Road blocks may come, however, how you handle them will be totally up to you.  There is no formula for best decision-making.  So as you encounter those difficult situations, keep your head up, and do what is best for you and your future.

My Dream Reader


This blog is designed for the reader who has a burning inside of them to accomplish, something that they really want to do but have always been told that they could not for whatever the reason.  My dream reader is searching for a word that propels them to defy the odds and encourage them that they can do anything that the put their minds to. There are enough things in the world that says no, you’re not small enough or pretty enough or tall enough or pleasant enough, and so on.  At Empowered to WIN, here is where you can come and get that yes, yes you are more than enough to do those things you desire to.

Go be that fashion designer, college professor, doctor, lawyer, preacher or teacher. Dream big, the bigger the better, so when it happens all the naysayers will be able to see and know that it was in you all the time. You are that person that I writing to , to let you know that you do not need any one’s permission to live out your dream.  You can have your best life right now, all you have to do is step out on faith and believe.  I am looking for you, because I want to be right there with you when you accomplish it all.  So please feel free to post that goal that you would like to see manifest in my comments below. Boldly profess what it is that you want to do!

Moving Past Fear

I knew for some time that I wanted to start an inspirational blog, however, I delayed the process because of fear.  I did not think that I was qualified to be a blogger. No one told me that I could not; I just believed that I could not.  Yes, I allowed fear to keep me from doing what I like to do and that is inspiring others.  I would read other bloggers and think within myself, I can do that.  However, I was allowing myself to be crippled by the anticipation of danger.  You see fear is not real and all you have to do is change your mind.  As I write this entry, with every stroke of each key, I become stronger. I take back my dream of writing, of sharing nuggets of truth, to aid you in breaking free from the grips of fear.

Today, I challenge you to do one thing that you have been afraid to do. As you are doing it, assess your feelings, your emotions before you do it, while doing it, and after it has been completed.  Was there really a reason to be fearful or was it merely a perception of danger?

Do not be fearful nor discouraged, step out and accomplish your dream.  With each step, you will become stronger, empowered to continue on your journey to success. Even when you have setbacks, they will propel you further, if you do not give up. So what are you waiting for, it is time to go after your dreams!

What Does Fear Cost You?

Fear is a very real state of mind. According to Merriam-Webster, fear is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. Often this feeling comes when we are about to embark upon some new task that we have never done before. The presence of fear before engaging in this task can often stop you in your tracks, so I am asking, “What is fear costing you?”

Fear is costing you your hopes, dreams, and desires. These things go unfulfilled because you are too afraid to begin them. In the absence of fear, what is that one thing that you would do?

Dare to dream, dare to live in the moment of your dreams becoming a reality and then pursue them.

Again I ask, what would you do in the absence of fear? Would you live your life to your fullest potential? Would you add value and joy to your life because you are living your life on your own terms? Or, would you live each day doing what you love, fulfilling your dreams and desires? This fear that is created in your mind materializes in all aspects of your lives. It cripples you and keeps you from accomplishing your goals, accepting challenges and venturing into new opportunities. Presumed fear is far worse than actuality.

In 2 Timothy 1:7, it states that “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” You are powerful beyond measure, you can do the impossible. You can live every moment to the fullest. You must believe that you can do it in spite of fear, and do it!

At this moment, you can no longer live in fear. You must walk by faith believing that you can do what you desire to do. What has fear cost you? I think you have paid too much. It is the time that you start reaping some of what has been paid. Today, I challenge you to dream again, believe again and accomplish what you desire to do!