When Things Go From Bad to Worse, You Must Dig Deeper

digging deeper There comes a time when you are working on your goals, that you will come to a point where you can not see the results of your efforts.  You have worked and worked but to no avail. It is inevitable that on your journey, you will hit a brick wall that stops you or appears to stop you in your tracks.  As you try to continue, at every turn, you are halted in your tracks.  You try something different, it does not work as you had hoped.  My friend, this is not the time to throw in the towel.  This is not the time to quit.  This is the time dig in your heels and go deeper.

Remove every distraction and press in harder to accomplish that goal.  During this process, frustration abounds because in every instance you are already working hard, you are already pressing in, you are already giving your all.  But what you should realize, at that very moment, is that you are closer to that goal than ever before.  So dig deeper within yourself, stay focused, and push with everything in you until you see your goal come to pass.

Everything you need to accomplish what you desire is already within you, now go get it!

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