Sometimes You Have to Go Backwards In Order to Move Forward

When traumatic events occur in your life, you often try to suppress  your feelings and emotions to continue on with the normal routine of your life.  You begin to throw yourself into work or other tasks, as to not focus on the hurt. Before you are able to realize that you are not living up to your fullest potential, years have passed you by.  These events have a way of resurfacing through bad attitudes, mean spirits, depression, or just an overall sullen mood.  In order to move forward, you must revisit that period of time, that sad or bad place, the emotions, and the events, to begin to heal from them.

This is not an easy process but the overall goal is to move past your trauma to begin to live again.  It took me years to talk about being a survivor of domestic violence. However, there is a freedom that comes with being able to discuss the hurt that came from the hands of someone that is suppose to love and cherish you. You are not what has happened to you but who you become as a result of it:  I am a survivor!

It is time to free yourself from past hurts, past traumas, past abandonment so that you can live in this moment and enjoy the things around you. Allow yourself the freedom to revisit the past so that you will also be free to let it go.  Release the fear, shame, or hurt that is associated with the events.  If the process becomes too intense or overwhelming, please seek out assistance. You don’t have to go through it alone.  There are licensed professionals that are trained to ensure that you will come through this process better than you began it. Seek out family and friends for support and encouragement.  As Iyanla would say, “It’s time to do the work.”

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