Road Blocks

On your journey to your destiny, you will sometimes have to make difficult decisions. There will be people and things that are near and dear to your heart that will not be able to follow you on your journey and you will have to make tough decisions.  Do I stop pursuing the things that I was place here to do, the things that I have a heart for? Or do I put those things on hold to satisfy those who have been place in my life for this season?  There are no clear cut answers to these questions because they come with a bunch of “but what ifs.” These questions must be answered on a case by case basis.

Your decisions may not make others involved happy, however, when you have a peace about it and are able to stand with the decision you’re making then you will know that it is the right decision for you. Others may not understand why you are leaving that “good man” or that “good job” but you know that your dreams and goals for your life are more important than anything.  And if those things are truly for you, they will be there.

Road blocks may come, however, how you handle them will be totally up to you.  There is no formula for best decision-making.  So as you encounter those difficult situations, keep your head up, and do what is best for you and your future.

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