My Dream Reader


This blog is designed for the reader who has a burning inside of them to accomplish, something that they really want to do but have always been told that they could not for whatever the reason.  My dream reader is searching for a word that propels them to defy the odds and encourage them that they can do anything that the put their minds to. There are enough things in the world that says no, you’re not small enough or pretty enough or tall enough or pleasant enough, and so on.  At Empowered to WIN, here is where you can come and get that yes, yes you are more than enough to do those things you desire to.

Go be that fashion designer, college professor, doctor, lawyer, preacher or teacher. Dream big, the bigger the better, so when it happens all the naysayers will be able to see and know that it was in you all the time. You are that person that I writing to , to let you know that you do not need any one’s permission to live out your dream.  You can have your best life right now, all you have to do is step out on faith and believe.  I am looking for you, because I want to be right there with you when you accomplish it all.  So please feel free to post that goal that you would like to see manifest in my comments below. Boldly profess what it is that you want to do!

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