Plant Your Feet and PUSH

I serve as the caregiver for my mother who suffered a stroke a few years ago.  As a result of this illness, her left side remains weak.  One morning, as we were preparing for our day, she called me into her bedroom.  As I entered her room, I find her sitting on the floor. She had slid from the edge of her bed onto the floor and was unable to get up.  We were the only ones in the house, so I did not have any help in getting her off the floor.

After several unsuccessful attempts, I realized that she, indeed, had the strength to get herself off the floor. So instead of me trying to become a powerlifter, I became her coach.  I placed a chair on her right side, and I was on her left side.  I told her to “Plant your feet and PUSH! Push with everything you got in you!” Her first attempt was unsuccessful, however, when at first you don’t succeed, try again.  During her second attempt, she pushed herself up so high that she was higher than the seat of the chair. Therefore, all I had to do was pull the chair under her, so that she could sit down.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we have everything within us that we need to do those things that we desire to do.  We sit back and talk ourselves out of our visions, hopes, and dreams. STOP it! Some of us try, but after several unsuccessful attempts, we give up.  After my mother’s ordeal was over, she was a little out of breath, but I could see on her face, the personal accomplishment she felt.  When you are exhausted from several attempts, give it another try. You can do it; you have everything in you that you need to succeed.

Therefore, PLANT YOUR FEET AND PUSH! Push with everything you have in you! Push out the business ventures, the new investments, the promotions…and remember to share your successes with me because I know you will be able to do anything that you set your mind to do.

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