Fix Your Life

One of my favorite shows on television right now is OWN’s Fix Your Life featuring Iyanla Vanzant. This show focuses on people that have issues that affect them moving forward in their lives or obstructing their peace. Ms. Vanzant provides insight on how to overcome the issues the people are facing.  At the beginning of each episode, there is an introduction where Ms. Vanzant speaks about having to do the work to put her broken life back together again.  This statement about having to do the “work” is a powerful statement because to fix anything; someone has to work.  There is no getting around taking the necessary steps to bring organization to the disorganization of life. And more often than not, we know how to make our situations better; however, we just avoid the process because of difficulties we perceive we will encounter.

Maybe you must forgive someone for past discretions. Take the necessary steps to do this.  Often forgiveness has little to do with the person you are trying to forgive but everything to do with you internally. So, if forgiveness is the obstacle that is keeping you from fixing your life, then forgive.  I am not saying that this is easy, in fact, it will be difficult.  However, to free yourself, you must forgive others.  Make up in your mind that you have already forgiven the person who has wronged you. Then work toward forgiving that person daily. Follow these steps until you can see the person and are no longer offended by their past actions.

Maybe to fix your life, you need to gain additional knowledge to pursue your goals.  If this is the case, then research various educational options.  Take an online course. Find someone that is already doing what you desire to do and ask them what steps did they take to get there.  Furthermore, request that the person become your mentor so that you will have the assistance needed to navigate unchartered waters.

Or just maybe, you have some sort of addiction, and you need to tackle this so that you can fix your life.  My advice, my friend, is not to try to do it alone.  Develop a support group that enlists friends, family, and professionals that can provide you the resources and supports you need to become addiction free. Make sure you acknowledge small steps because those steps can have a significant impact.  Remember, overcoming addiction is not easy but so worth it!

Whatever it takes to fix your life; you must do the work. The benefits outweigh the process. A wise person once said, “Anything worth having is worth working for.” Your goals, dreams, and peace of mind are worth having. Therefore, do the work! Do what it takes to put the damaged areas of your life back together. I know you can do it and when you do, don’t forget to share your story. Your words may help someone else take the steps they need to fix their life.

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