Attention to Details

In the Old Testament scriptures found in Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Leviticus, the writers provided information on the tabernacles and rituals in great detail. The information is very specific and was to be followed exactly. Details and specificity are important in any project; however, they are often the most tedious. To be perfectly honest, I really don’t like reading these books of the Bible. I feel that they are very dry! But my feelings doesn’t negate their importance. As I learn and grow, I find that the attention to details can make or break a project. The little things are what we often take for granted but they are the most important.

In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention.

Lou Holtz

There is a local restaurant in the area that I like to go because I am able to order online and I receive a text when my food is ready for pick up. The convenience of this alone makes me a returning customer. Upon pickup, your food is placed in an area for pickup and the attendant behind the counter asks for your name as you are picking up your meal. But the last few times I have visited, he has greeted me by name and stated have a nice day! This relatively small jesture of knowing my name, in spite of the mask that I am wearing, is that attention to the details. He knew my features, the details that make up who I am, and appreciated my support of the business.

That is just one reason that attention to details are important. Details also provide a point of reference. Those biblical books outlined the standards for the church, the priests, and the people. If there were questions about the structure of any of these entities, one could refer back to those books, which makes them important in gaining a sense of knowing. So are you planning an event or working on a project at school? Please make sure that you pay attention to details, tell the stories, make it personal, and you will transform whatever it is that you are doing. Details will help you paint a more realistic picture of what you are creating. Details will enhance whatever it is that you are doing.

For those in business, knowing your customers by name, thanking them for their patronage to your business goes a long way to having a returning customer. For people in general, creating reasons that will allow you to check on people you haven’t heard from in a while will help you to create relationships that are long lasting. Lastly in life, sharing a kind word to a random person may spark a conversation that add value to your life. Remember, people are important, the details of our uniqueness are worth recognizing. Pay attention!

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